Adding Team Members in Bulk
Now you can add team members in bulk what saves you time and effort.
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Australian Servers
We have added services in a new Australian region to speed up links in Australia, New Zealand and South Eastern Asia.
If you use CNAME record and if you have bought a domain from us, no need to change anything - all your redirects became faster. Unfortunately, there is no way to use these servers if you configure domains with A records. Please update your configuration by creating a CNAME record to to speed up your links
Search Filters
Now filters are based on Elasticsearch that allows searching for links by a broader range of options 💥 For example, Android URL, Variation page, etc. Details ➡️
QR Code Bulk Download
Download QR codes in bulk 💥 Select necessary links, and click
Download QR'S
. Details ➡️
Temporary URLs
Hooray! Now we provide link expiration based on the number of clicks. Details ➡️
Updated Main Page Redirect
Now you can set up main page redirect for a short root domain from the dashboard. After that apply all features and track statistics. For this, shorten a link where visitors will be redirected after clicking the short root domain, remove a slug and save.
Bulk Edit is now available on 💥 Save time by editing a bunch of short URLs. Here's how ➡️
Now you can rename your teams 🎉 The feature is available on
New Free Test Domain
Now we provide customers with a new test domain — * Previous domains were generated based on a customer's email address; domains will be formed in alphabetical and numerous order. For example, or
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Managing Redirect and Search Engine Policy
We have added a possibility to manage HTTPS redirect policy and search engine policy from the domain settings. Now you can choose the rule by yourself 👍🏻
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